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  • Before giving presentations, are you apprehensive, anxious or worried that you will forget something?
  • Are you nauseous at the thought of even beginning?
  • Have you suffered disappointment after giving a presentation because it was lackluster?
  • Did it lack the creativity to engage the client or create the inspirational tone you desired?
  • Or were you ill-prepared?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, THE Presentation Guide Book will help you to increase your self-esteem while decreasing your level of anxiety. Your job position and financial status will be enhanced with outstanding communication skills including the ability to effectively organize your messages.

If you want to create more memorable presentations, Dr. Coel, sets forth guidelines and complete examples to help you write quickly, with vivid language and a concrete structure. It’s easy to read and easy to apply. It saves you time, money and the hassle of buying multiple books. This book has it all!

This book has:

  • Expert advice from an award-winning motivational speaker/consultant, attorney and educator with extensive and diverse administrative and classroom experience with public address and who is passionate about helping students and professionals create more engaging messages
  • Over 25 types of public and employment-related presentation tips & practical full-sentence original manuscripts or outlines so the reader can see an actual presentation word for word and not have to read “how” to do it
  • A DVD of core performances, lecture notes, a test bank, a syllabus, etc.
  • Suggested aids for EACH presentation so there is no flipping back and forth to the chapter on presentation aids
  • Real-life examples and tips from educators, experts from various occupations, and students
  • Descriptions of the presentations including an audience profile, time constraints, possible locations, etc. that may be useful for preparing the final draft
  • A chapter guide for impromptu speaking that serves as a quick reference if you are asked to speak with no time to prepare and some suggestions for the question and answer forum


Table of Contents

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Publishing Information

ISBN: 978-152493-7577

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Senior Editor Lara M. Sanders